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Information about the Food Lion policies for returns, refunds and exchanges. If one is not completely satisfied with the freshness of the product, Food Lion will double your money back. Today the coupon machine was not printing the bar code on the coupons and I Copyright © - ,

There will also be included on Thursday a full-sized billiard table. No Reserve. Hepburn, MD. Recruits Wanted for the above Unit, to be 1 raised in Carddff. Respectable Young Men interested m Ambu- lance Work will find this a erood opportunity for advanced instruction. No Camp. Application for Enlistment at Moira- terrace, Cardiff.

Three o'clock.

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Chairman, Councillor A. Organ Recital, Mr. Norman Kendrick. I rcome, with Polished Floors, a Speciality. By so doing you call to your aid one of the most reliable curative agents known, and ensure a speedy and natural recovery. The "out of sorts" con- dition being almost always due to a derange- ment of the digestive orgains, it is obvious that what is required is a medicine that can suc- cessfully deal with all disorders of tie Stomach, Liver, and Bowels.

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The i immediate effect of these pills is to put the digestion thoroughly in order, and when fuce this is achieved perfect health cannot fail to follow. Thanks to Modern Science, these unfortunate people can be taiught almost ainything. Our Picture portrays in a vivid manner some of the methods of teaching. FRED D. Damage to the extent of many Millions Sterling. Booked in Advance, 9d. Doors On Each Evening at 6. They are supplied in three different qualities, mounted in vulcanite, at the following definite. Never wear out. The best are guaranteed for five years, but will last a life-time.

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Ten till Eight Daily. Thursdays Close 1. Tea till Eight Daily. Thursdays, Ten till One. Ten tiU Eight Daily. Thuredaya, Ten till One. TeL Articles by Post are given my vtriotaat rnvate Attention. If you are troubled with Acidity, Wind, Heartburn, Colic, and other symptoms of Indi- gestion, I am making a special offer for 14 days, viz. K Express" Office wi'! Applicants for Pituatlont, are requested not to eend original docruments copies should be seait at photo- graphs with replies to Advertisements when letters II:ro addressed to Box Numbers at this office- The Proprietors -am ot undertake any responsibility 11 testimosiala or photographs are lost.

J- Cannot forget betrayal to others of sacred trust, not "all" cruel letters without explanation. Canada - road off Whitchurch-road , Cardiff, not partridge- road. J avfs; unclaimed three days will pell to defray expenses. Tre- ba,no? Jones, 49, Windsor-street, Griffithstown. Welsh every fortnight, at 59, Queen- street; Berlitz Lesson amounts to 7id. Fee3 12s. Fees l?? Yearrfey, Accring- ton. Evening Express, Cardiff.

Sable' Equestrian Theatre

M OH,? In fuU perf? ThIS is a i?? It is invaluable for weak-cheged men, Deli oate Women and Children. TRY IT. If "u have? If yon have Bronohitie, try it. Wben a severe cough came on I tho? Words are far from being adcq? It ma-kes the vo? See you get the genuine article.

Tudor Williams Patent Balsam of Honey. So many imitations and fraud. Sample bottle sent? Blouses, Skirte, Sunshades. Underlothing, Corsets, Gloves. Children's Pelisses, Overalls. Coulter 11, Clytha Park-road, Newport, Mon. Biddlllph, 35, Morgan Arcade, C? Qneen-treet, Cardiff, tic. Yet, are invited to call and Play the Waddington.

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TJO You know ycu? Write us to -dav.

City-ro-id, Cardiff. Manufacturers sinoe Card if. Iy, references, Edinburgh Hotel, Pembroke Dock. Hote , Penrhiwceiber.

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Baviee, Salis- bury Hotel, Ferndale. Pill, Newport. Cook-General; good kitchen- maid would do. Davies, Royal Hotel, Rhymney. Me peroon. Price, Locomotiva and Railway Inn, Merthyr. T AW for the MiUion. The Law up- to -date. Containing pages, and comprising all information for ordi- nary purposes; price Is. Davies, 14, Green-street. New Plassey-street, Penarth. TV -Apply between 5 and 7, 22, Ntnian-road. Refer- ences required. Edwards, Ty Bruce, Hirwain. Guide E-xc! Civil Settee Bureau, Albert- hall, Edinburgh. Plain Sewing; moderate charges; good W" work guaranteed.

Parr Smith, 24, Tudor-street, London, B. Brynhyfryd, Penydarren. Men as Spare-time 1'f Agent!! If you are looking something a little less crowded so you can get closer to the show this is a Very nice show to see when you are in town, My wife is a vet and she loved it the animals are great Attended a show before they closed for renovations. The horses are beautiful and the talent is amazing.

Sable' Equestrian Theatre opens in Pigeon Forge

You are so close to the horses, you can almost touch them!