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Several of the topics - monitoring, for example - are discussed elsewhere in the report. They are given emphasis here in order to draw attention to the need for action at the senior management level in dealing directly with deficiencies in internal structures and processes. A realistic allocation of resources human and material to support management, monitoring and backstopping; An effective strategy for information-sharing and learning, built on the experience of other projects; A realistic strategy for capacity development where it is relevant to the project and where the project has resources to support it; A project document that lays out all the elements of design clearly and coherently and that is designed as a management and monitoring tool.

Careful, thorough preparation, including broad-based consultations and careful assessment of the capacity of selected partner organizations;.

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Insufficient time and resources given to preparation, design and the appraisal process, resulting in poorly focused projects;. Too many projects, a scattering of projects by topic and theme and under-budgeting of projects;. Absence of common standards for project quality and of a mechanism for assuring it;.

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A definition of the problem to be addressed and a focus on problem-solving at the heart of project design and reflected in project objectives;. Realistic setting-out of expected results and, ideally, performance indicators;. Inadequate attention to adopting a consultative and participatory approach in working with partner s and stakeholders;. A coherent, practical implementation strategy linked to objectives and a budget based on a careful, realistic assessment of probable costs and structured and balanced in keeping with priorities and the relative needs of the activity sets and primary objectives;.

Insufficient internal staff allocation and poor use of professional and technical capacities to supervise project appraisal, design, management and monitoring;. A strategy for anchoring the project at the country level and an approach that emphasizes involvement of country offices and resident representatives from an early stage;. Inefficiency in integrating organizational processes and the needs of project planning and implementation;.

A clear definition of roles and responsibilities regarding overall project management, accountability, implementation and achievement of results;. The present negotiation about trade and tariffs with the USA is surely also a benchmark for trying to reach a fair and square platform for future BRI engagement. On simple brick and mortar projects nobody can compete but clever architects, smart designers, intelligent software and logistical concepts as well as green technologies from Europe are still having competitive advantages over China and the proper way is to merge these elements among all the stakeholders.

The countries which are signing up with China on the BRI are well advised to have a detailed and professional review of the technical, commercial and financial proposals and to install a proper project management with checks and balances. There must be close monitoring in the execution of projects to ensure that there is no meddling around after contracts have been signed. We express great thank you for the honor to be part of this great event.

Our key takeaways to share with you are:.

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Your email address will not be published. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Example of handling China — the case of Malaysia Rather than just saying NO to the project and embarrass the stakeholders, the example of the East Coast Railway project to be financed and constructed by Chinese companies in Malaysia serves as a good example how things can be managed in a better way.

A chance to reconnect between East and West in times of tensions In Europe the BRI is seen very critical per se and President Xi and his advisors are smart enough to sense the growing uneasiness with Chinas overseas expansion plans. Our key takeaways to share with you are: The BRI project by China has so many interesting interconnections and interlinks with all stakeholders, different industries and different technologies that it provides a platform for everybody to take part and play a constructive role.

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That is around about twice the GDP of the Polish economy. Despite all disagreement within the EU on issues such as immigration, our friends in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and elsewhere have done a tremendous job in building a thriving and healthy economy. The interest of China to do more business and trade with Europe along the Silk Road is genuine. While the large infrastructure projects are mostly profitable projects by itself, at the end of the day, they are enablers for everybody who is and will conduct ing business in and with China.

The way China is looking at the world is — of course — China and Asian centric. The history of China in ASEAN with a strong Chinese business community there can be a good model to understand how it wants to manage the Eastern European engagements too. Here we can learn from experiences in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and Singapore.

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The US-China trade conflict will go away — globalization is irreversible and the call for fair play is reasonable and justified as well. But do understand that it is important to safely face China and do not bully too much. Finally, to mention, Mr.