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Nextbase dash cams offer a variety of models ranging from more affordable options to the feature-packed. Choose an option with a built-in Alexa so you can play music and take calls while you drive. An Emergency SOS feature provides extra peace of mind. Another superb choice is one of our Garmin dash cams , with many models being small and very discreet. Motorola dash cams feature a striking design and they also come in a variety of models.

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For twice the security and safety, consider a dual option. Still undecided? Check out our dash cam buying guide so you can make a fully informed decision on which one is best for you. If your planning on a on holiday with the kids, roof boxes will help free up space in your car for a more comfortable drive, while car seat covers will protect your seats from spillages and sticky fingers.

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Home Technology Dash cams. Filter by close filter. Night vision No 18 Yes As long as you don't want your video recorded at 60 frames per second it supports a maximum of 30fps at full HD, which is fine , it's the best choice for most people. You'll find it sold for a lot less than the RRP because this is now the older model which has been replaced by the GW.

Read our full Nextbase GW review. This means it's cheaper than most so-called dual-channel dash cams, but do watch out as some bundles don't include the GPS mount and the polarising filter. Both are worth having so you can prove where the video is recorded and remove most reflections from the windscreen in the video. The front camera is well designed if you're after something that will hide out of the way behind your rear-view mirror, but the rear camera, although small, has a very thick cable which can be hard to hide away neatly. Read our full Viofo A Duo review.

Was: £149, now: £94

The GW doesn't add a whole lot on top of the already competent GW: mainly a built-in polariser. It does improve image quality by reducing glare, though. The other main difference is a slightly larger touchscreen, but ultimately the W is fine for most people.

It will also record at a higher resolution of p, or at p at a faster rate of 60 frames per second. The build quality is decent, although the 8m USB cable that connects the two cameras is unusually thick, making it harder to conceal. It's certainly not a dealbreaker, as a replacement thin USB cable can be picked up fairly cheaply from Amazon.

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Read our full Z-Edge Z3D review. Garmin's dinky dash cam is well designed and easy to use. It's also easy to install, but it will use up your car's 12V socket so you can't plug in your phone or sat nav.

Unlike some of its rivals, the 55 Plus has a safety camera warning system which can alert you to accident black spots, and hopefully prevent you being slapped with a speeding fine. Video quality is good, but at the top resolution you don't get the option to record at 60 frames per second or in HDR: those are limited to lower resolutions. There's built-in GPS and Wi-Fi, although the app isn't as useful as some: it doesn't allow you to change any settings on the dash cam.

Still, it's not bad value at this price. Read our full Garmin Dash Cam 55 Plus review. There aren't many 2-channel dash cams, but it is very useful to have a second camera recording what happens behind you as well as in front.

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If you car has a 12V accessory socket in the boot, then just buy a second dash cam and plug it in. Most people don't have that luxury which is where 2-channel cameras come in. We're fans of screen-less dash cams which stick unobtrusively behind your rear-view mirror, but with power, GPS and rear camera attached, wires get a bit messy with the F Also, the included power cable has to be connected to the car's fuse box, but this is necessary to use the parking mode which records when motion is detected such as another car hitting yours while parked.

Via the app you can choose a minimum voltage level to prevent your battery draining. If you opt for the GPS module, you can download and install new firmware which includes a database of speed cameras, and you'll get audible warning when approaching one.